Jim & Kim’s Hat of Personal Questions: What Is the Weirdest Thing That Ever Happened To You In the Doctor’s Office?

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"How did THAT get in THERE?"

“How did THAT get in THERE?”

This morning we unveiled Jim and Kim’s Hat of Personal Questions…Each member of the morning show came up with personal (and hopefully embarrassing) questions for their fellow morning show chatters, folded them and threw them into a hat. Jim went first and reached in and picked out a question for me…what is the weirdest thing that ever happened to you at the doctor?

It took me a minute, but once I thought about it… a story of a “girl” doctor, a cell phone and a wink came right back to me…

Then it was your turn to tell us the weirdest thing that happened to you at the doctor and Paul‘s doc was in a scary location with questionable items for sale…


So what is the weirdest thing that happened to YOU at the doctor? Tell me below in the comments section!


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