Guess Which Classic TV Commercial is Back?!

Do you recognize her? This lovely woman starred in a burger commercial that spawned a catchphrase in the 80s. Everyone walked around asking the question that she made famous and now she is back in commercials!

“Where’s the Beef?” Yes, Wendy’s is bringing back Clara Peller’s barked catchphrase in their new commercials, and they will answer the question with their new Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy Cheeseburgers.

Jim and Kim discuss Clara Peller on the air:


So, of course, I had to watch the original “Where’s the Beef” commercial and I laughed out loud!!! It’s funny every time.

Check it out here…

So what classic commercial would you like to see revived? I’m going to start a petition for the Bartles and James boys…

Tell me what commercials you want to see again in the comments section below…


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