Back To School: Five Degrees That Are In Demand

Whether you are just getting started in college or thinking of going back, everyone is concerned about what degree is best for them.

One way to decide on your degree is to first decide on your future career, what degree will help you best get ahead in the market – and the job growth in that market. According to the projections from the U.S. Department of Labor’s 2010-2011 Occupational Handbook, business, management, financial and health care are among the areas expecting the largest job growth.

Here are five degrees that are most in demand…

Degree 1: Master’s in Business Administration (MBA):

The courses included in this degree are business management and business operations courses. This degree can offer you an amount of flexibility in the job market. Yale School of Management MBA Career Report said that 2008 graduates have reported working in financial services, at non-profits, in consulting firms, media and entertainment fields, with the government and in many other fields. According to Forbes in May 2010, the potential pay for mid-career mark is $109,000, and Forbes labeled it “Best Master’s degrees For Jobs”.

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