Is Nicolas Cage a Vampire? You Be The Judge!

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An antiques dealer came across a Civil War picture of a man who bears an uncanny resemblance to actor Nicolas Cage. The picture was at the back of an album filled with death photos and he is convinced that Nic is a vampire!

You be the judge…

nicvampire6001 Is Nicolas Cage a Vampire? You Be The Judge!

Looks just like him, doesn’t it?!

The antiques collector says he believes that the actor is the walking undead, or a vampire that quickens or re-invents himself once every 75-years or so and that someday he could be a politician, the leader of a cult or a talk show host… which are all interchangeable as far as I’m concerned.

He’s asking for a million dollars for the photo!

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So, do you think Nicolas Cage is a vampire?! Tell me why in the comments section below!


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