This Week On FM Magazine: 9-11 Day of Service and Remembrance

Deb Gordon’s guest was Jay Winuk co-creator of the 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance, which is designed to provide a positive and forward looking way for the community to honor and remember the 9 11 victims, survivors and those who rose in service in response to the tragedy.

Mr. Winuk discussed how the idea was borne after his friend, David Paine suggested they do something to honor the memory of Mr. Winuk’s brother, Glenn, a volunteer firefighter who died in the rescue efforts after the WTC South Tower collapsed.  Together, Mr. Winuk and Mr. Paine, co-founded MyGoodDeed and developed the 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance.

Mr. Winuk stressed the importance of the community getting involved in doing something positive or charitable to commemorate the day and honor those affected, in whatever way they choose.  He offered suggestions of doing simple things like helping a neighbor with a chore, or going to a park and cleaning.  However, the organization also welcomes the community to visit their website or Facebook page and join their efforts.  For more information, visit


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