My Love/Hate Relationship With NYC Fashion Week

Fashion Week is officially here in NYC. I have such a love/hate relationship with this week!

I love to see all the latest trends, hot new designers and the people watching adventures are always amazing! Now here comes my hate… Fashion Week reminds me just how “unfashionable” I really am. I’m a simple girl. Give me a pair of jeans, a rockin’ pair of 3 or 4 inch stilettos and a wife beater t-shirt and I’m good!

img 0088 My Love/Hate Relationship With NYC Fashion Week

This is my signature outfit–nothing glamourous but all ME! Every now and then I will forego the heels and opt for sporting a fresh pair of sneakers. img 0242 My Love/Hate Relationship With NYC Fashion Week
Either way, I think I look good. That is until Fashion Week rolls around and then I realize how short my fashion sense falls in comparison to most everyone else lol.

But hey the parties are always good no matter how you dress right?


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