My Kindergarten Picture Isn’t That Bad… Is it?!

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Jim & Kim Morning Show

Jim & Kim Morning Show

Our boss asked us to get our kindergarten pictures together so that we could put them all up on the Fresh website. My mommy sent me this picture that she absolutely loves. And ever since I showed it to Jim and Craig, it’s been nothing but grief!!!

They asked me if they called for an exorcist when taking the picture… If I sat on a tack.

“It’s a face only a mother could love… a disturbed mother.”

Oh, yeah… they’ve been brutal. And you say to yourself… what, is Jim’s picture perfect? Sigh… yes, it is.

jimdouglas My Kindergarten Picture Isnt That Bad... Is it?!

What school did Jim go to... Hogwarts?!?

Are you kidding me?! He looks like a movie star… like the picture that came with the frame! He’s completely and utterly un-make-fun-able!!

Just my luck.

But, guess what… my mom isn’t happy that Jim is making fun of her favorite picture… so she’s calling in this morning to let him have it…

Jim’s kind of her favorite… I can’t imagine she’ll be too hard on him!


So, what about your school picture?! Share it with me… not everyone can possibly be as perfect as Jim… right? Share your picture in the comments section below…

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