Back To School: Germophobes UNITE! Where Are the Germiest Places In School?

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"Get 'em OFF me!"- Kim

“Get ’em OFF me!”- Kim

I am a total germophobe!! No, wait.. I take a “defensive hygenic posture!” Yeah, that’s it!

Seriously, I don’t touch the poles on the subway and I use my knuckle to put my PIN number in at the ATM machine, but on the upside… I very rarely get sick! So it got me to wondering with the kids back in school and all the germs they will be bringing home… where is the GERMIEST place in school?

Let’s find out from a professional, shall we?

This morning we talked to Peter Sheldon from Coverall Health-Based Cleaning Systems about the germiest places in school, how you can help prevent your kids from getting sick when you’re not with them and (I just had to ask) whether or not the 10-second rule is a good rule to follow at school…

Apparently it’s not.

Some Of the GERMIEST Places In School Are:

-Cafeteria Tables/Trays
-School Desks
-Pencil Sharpeners
-Door Knobs

Basically… anything a kid might touch after digging in his/her nose for treasure is most likely going to have some germs on it!

Listen HERE!


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