Stood Up?! Me? Someone Get Me a Pizza and 50cc Vanilla Ice Cream, STAT!

So… this weekend I had a pretty bad internet dating experience. What I was hoping for was an exclamation point…

What I got was a period.

I had made a date for after the show on Friday. I had never met this person but we had been talking for a while and figured that the afternoon would be a good time to meet for lunch.

I was at the specified place at the specified time. We texted back and forth: “hey! R U here? Where r u? What r u wearing?”

Well, after I answered, I got no response. So I waited… and waited… and waited for about 10 minutes. My date never showed up. Never revealed himself. I had been STOOD UP!

Surprisingly, it didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would… but I used it as an excuse to go home and pig out on some pizza. However, I can’t be the ONLY one out there who has been stood up. Or have you been the person who did the standing up?



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