Two Words I Never Wanted to Hear When It Comes to My Apartment… Bed Bugs!!!

Oh nooooooo!!! My neighbors have bed bugs. I’m freaking out…

I live in a building in the West Village and share a backyard with two neighbors… who now have BED BUGS!

I am obsessed with the fact that they are going to grab their little bed bug suitcases and move into my apartment.

Now, even if the sheets move slightly while I’m snoozing, I’m pulled out of REM sleep and drooling, convinced I’m covered in bed bugs! Bumps and bruises have turned into bed bug bites, and forget about a mosquito bite… that’s just one GIANT bed bug bite.

This morning we are calling Mike from Protect a Bed to find out if I should be worried.

Here you go… enjoy itching all day!

Wait… have you had bed bugs? Share your story with me in the comments section below. Do I need to be worried?!


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