Justin Bieber Loves His Dad and Jesus, Jesus Wins Tattoo Contest

Like father like son. Justin Beiber and his dad sure do like matching tattoos. Biebs’s first tattoo was of a seagull on his hip, his father has a matching one. His second one was on some other guy.

Aww, special bonding moments… with needles.

It looks like the Bieber boys are back to their inking ways, when Justin was in Israel earlier this summer, he and his dad got new tattoos; they say “Jesus” in Hebrew. Please tell me the irony is not lost on anyone here (for the record, the language of choice at the time of Jesus’ birth was Aramaic).

I’m just sayin’…

jesus broken down Justin Bieber Loves His Dad and Jesus, Jesus Wins Tattoo Contest

The real question here is, What Would Jesus Get Tattooed? (WWJGT?) And I think we all know the answer to that

For pictures of a shirtless and freshly inked Bieber family, check out Celebuzz.


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