Facebook or Foolin’ Around: What Do Women ‘Like’ More?

Earlier this month, a survey depressed people everywhere with their findings: women like playing online games more than having sex.

This week, another organization released another survey: American women said that they much prefer showering, Facebooking or shopping online to having sex.

Oh man. Are our collective sex lives really that bad?

The guys don’t think so. Men thought sex was impossible to go without for a month, while women chose showers as absolutely necessary.

What if this creates an apocalyptic future where, over time, freshly showered women refuse entirely to get down with increasingly filthy, un-showered men. What if no one has sex anymore? WHAT IF BABIES AREN’T BORN ANYMORE?? (See ‘Children of Men’ trailer for details.)

I’m kidding of course. Anyway, men and women still agree about the most important thing: sleeping and accessing the Internet are their top priorities. Who cares if the world ends? At least we’ll have constant access to Farmville.

What could you lose for a month? Take the poll now!

  • http://musthavebeensomethingisaid.wordpress.com musthavebeensomethingisaid

    This is a truly terrifying thought … that one day I would rather play online games than have sex. Unless these women are talking about online sex games, in which case I can understand a little more. Perhaps its an American thing and us Brits are still in favour of sex. I bloody well hope so!

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