Comic-Con 2011 Day 2: Colin Farrell, “Ugly Americans” And William Shatner (page 5)

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cc daytwo wrap up post 4 Comic Con 2011 Day 2: Colin Farrell, Ugly Americans And William Shatner

Back into the Convention Center, we caught up with the voice actors and animators behind Comedy Central’s new hit show Ugly Americans. Everyone involved was incredibly excited to be back for their second year of Comic-Con and ready for whatever the fans were ready to throw at them during their upcoming panel session.

Closing-in on the day’s finish line, we yo-yoed back over to the Bayfront Hilton to spend a few moments with Colin Farrell and his supporting cast on-hand to promote their recreation of the vampire classic Fright Night. Everyone went to great pains to assure us that this was a worthwhile recreation and we believe them. When asked if being a new father has changed his acting choices, he responded, “Yes. Now I exclusively play deranged killers.”

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