Free MP3 Of The Day: Ke$ha, “Blow” (Remix feat. B.o.B.)

Our friends at recently relaunched their site. To celebrate we’re helping them give away a free MP3 a day. Today we’re featuring a remix of Ke$ha’s hit “Blow.”

The self proclaimed queen of sleaze is back with a new version of her massive hit “Blow.”  On the remix, rising hip-hop star B.o.B. lends an intro and a pump up verse to get the crowd going before the synths really drop and Ke$ha takes charge.

Ke$ha has been working in the music business since 2005 when, at the age of 18 she was signed to Dr. Luke’s label Kemosabe Entertainment. Her real break though, came when she appeared on Flo Rida’s #1 single “Right Round.” Following that she had a number one single of her own – the instantly catchy “Tik Tok.”

With “Tik Tok” Ke$ha laid out many of the tenants of what has become something of her manifesto. “Before I leave/ Brush my teeth/ With a bottle of Jack” she claims early in the song, and from there goes on to flaunt her fast paced and unapologetic party lifestyle in the face of everyone who dares to be boring.

“Blow (Remix feat. B.O.B.)” functions much in the same way – as a call-to-arms for partygoers. “Drink the Cool-aid/ Follow my lead” Ke$ha commands, and we on the dance floor have little choice but to obey.

Download “Blow” free for 24 hours!

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