Julian Smith Has a Viral Video That Will Definitely Get “Stuck Inside Your Head”

It’s Friday, which means you are currently at work right now staring at the clock waiting for it to be 5pm so you can GTFO. I mean, Rebecca Black did say that you “gotta get down on Friday!”

SO, while you sit at your computer pretending to do work today, check out this new viral video out by Julian Smith!

In this video, Julian is clearly bored out of his mind because for the majority of it, he is on the floor chanting “Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Da Ba” over and over again. Don’t worry though, he keeps things interesting by busting out his guitar and singing (if you wish to call it that) in the bathtub.

The underlying point of this video is that he is telling you to repeat that ridiculously annoying “Ba Ba Ba Da Ba Da Dee Da” chant whenever a song gets stuck in your head. You know, like back in the day when “I Want It That Way” was the JAM and got stuck in your head.

Don’t sing that, chant “Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Da Ba” instead!

So what do you think? Is this stuck in your head yet? Will this be your cure-all for all earworms? Me, I’m going to have to check a big fat NO in that box.


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