Natalie Portman Reveals Sons’ Name

And you thought Apple and Moses were unique…

Natalie Portman finally revealed the name of her three-week old son: Aleph.

Portman, who was born in Israel, named her son the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet (also spelled ‘alef’). So, what does it mean??

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Well, in actual writing, the letter doesn’t actually have a pronunciation, it’s usually a place holder in a word where a vowel sound should be. Numerically aleph is the number “one.”

The name itself means “leader” and “the oneness of God.” From a Kabbalah perspective it translates to “primordial one that contains all numbers.” Trippy.

aleph Natalie Portman Reveals Sons Name


The Hebrew alphabet has 22 characters, if Natalie and Benjamin Millepied get cracking then can probably collect all 22. Time to dim the lights and get a baby sitter for little Aleph!

And let’s not make fun of “Aleph’s” name too much — Natalie is scary:

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