Fresh Fact or Fiction: Kung-Fu Panda Edition!

panda 385 Fresh Fact or Fiction: Kung Fu Panda Edition!

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Fresh Fact or Fiction returns one more time! If you’re over the age of 15, you’ll probably be at The Hangover 2 this weekend. Otherwise, your choice is the OTHER big sequel opening in theaters this weekend: Kung Fu Panda 2! We’ll give you some questions about the stars of the film and you tell us whether they’re Fresh Fact or Fiction!

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It’s back for one more edition! Play along here!

Tell us if these statements are Fresh Fact or Fiction!


Jack Black is a member of a group of Hollywood stars affectionately known as the “Fat Pack!”

Dustin Hoffman decided to take an acting course while in school because *quote* “nobody flunks acting.”

Angelina Jolie has 8 children with Brad Pitt.

Jackie Chan has a permanent hole in his head.

How did you do?  Find out here in today’s Fresh Fact or Fiction!

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