An American Idol: Top 10 Songs David Cook Has Covered

1. “Rolling In The Deep” (originally sung by [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Adele[/lastfm])

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From his Las Vegas Pet-A-Palooza performance, Cook did a rockin’ rendition of Adele’s smash-hit song, “Rolling In The Deep.”

What is your favorite song that David Cook has covered? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  • Robert

    Followed a twitter link here. Thanks for compiling these. I had not seen some of them before.

  • angie_puertorico

    thanks for the sweet memories. can’t believe it’s been 3 years already. Season 7 was my first and only season. I’m so glad my daughters made me sit down one night and watch. The rest is history. =)

    • angie_puertorico

      and yes, with David Cook it’s difficult to pick just one favorite! he is that good! =)

  • Suenee

    As much as I love all of those covers there are many more that are just as good if not better. Like “I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight’, “Man In The Box”, “Hot For Teacher” “Hunger Strike” “Drive” just to name a few. He has an incredible talent for covering an song, and making it his own, while at the same time showing the original performers respect by not bastardizing it completely. As a matter of fact once he covers a song more times than not I prefer his version to the original. Very few people can do that.
    He is definitely the best think that has come from American Idol, in my opinion

  • Theresa

    Great list but my absolute favorite David Cook cover is Hot For Teacher by Van Halen! He did a scream in that song that was off the chain!!!

  • viv

    I love David’s cover of Rolling in the Deep. But I don’t know if I could pick a Favorite. RITD is one for sure but also Died in Your Arms and Hot For Teacher are up there as my favs also. As far as Idol goes, probably Billie Jean, Hello, all Right Now and All I Really Need is You.

  • Harold Lefson

    The World I Know was another one and Drive. I love everything that David sings. He has a very special voice and his pronunciation is exceptional.

  • kathy


  • lady peace

    The World I Know should be in this list, along with I Just Died in your Arms Tonight, Man in the Box and Drive. The man is just so good with covers along with his own writings.

  • Maria

    David has an innate talent for bringing out the best in a song. My favs are Bille Jean, Man In The Box, and The World I Know. I’d rather hear him sing the songs he covers than the original singers.

  • tiger-eyed

    Of the Idol covers, the only one that I think deserved a spot on this list and was overlooked was The World I know. Which remains, three years later, one of the bravest things for a contestant to do, as well as a truly spectacular re-imagining of the song.

  • Lovethemusic

    I agree with your selection of David’s cover of Adele’s RITD. I was there to hear it at Pet-APaloosa and it was amazing. David improves or gives a differen interpretation of the original because of his ability to make us hear the story and feel the emotions.

  • coco

    Don’t forget, The World I know, Man in the Box, and believe it or not Creep. He made them all his own. He did Creep pre-idol. It blew me away when I first heard it!

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