Top 10 Covers Of Adele's Smash-Hit Soul Song 'Rolling In The Deep'

6. [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Kina Grannis[/lastfm]

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Another YouTube musical sensation, Kina Grannis actually has an emotive quality that almost matches Adele’s mature croon.

You can tell Grannis has been through some similar situations from the agony in her voice.

  • Safroniamay

    Love Cook’s rendition!!!!!

  • Brev

    David Cook does the best cover of Rolling in the Deep, hands down! Posner’s makes me cover my ears it’s so horrific and Legend’s is good, but not great, to my ears. Especially when he hits the chorus.

  • Christiana

    David Cook nailed it !! His Cover, gave me Goosebumps !!

  • Chris

    Wow, this is a great cover. Great voice and I like the arrangement.

  • Nico

    My favorite cover of Rolling in the Deep is the one by David Cook live. Absolutely stunning!

  • pattie

    I love this song rocked out, and David Cook has an amazing voice.

  • pattie

    This little girl has one heck of a voice. Talented kids!

  • Kellie D.

    My favorite is David Cook’s! He has an amazing voice and did wonderful things with this song.

  • misha

    I’d like to see Adele and David Cook duet on this song…love his cover the most….his voice actually sounds better than Legend’s. And Mike Posner’s cover definitely had no heat. And this song is about HEAT. Haley’s rendition is also stellar.

  • hoaloha

    I absolutely love David Cook’s cover. He did Adele proud. I would love to hear a duet by them.

  • Joanie

    Listened to all the different vocals. I do believe I like David Cook’s version for #2. Of course Adele’s is #1 always!!

  • Janet

    David Cook’s cover is sensational. John Legends is killer, too. The song has great bones.

  • Lydia

    Love the grit in David’s voice on this song.

  • tk

    I’m obsessed with this song. Adele is a goddess. John Legend’s version of this is really cool but I especially like David Cook’s take. His voice is excellent.

  • 1lynnelynne

    Thanks for selecting my recording of David Cook’s cover of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”! You must remember that this was recorded outside in a field, in the desert, with many technical challenges going on in the background during this performance! I was actually stunned when I first watched my video. This was an “Epic” concert moment! You can see my video @ 1lynnelynne.

  • rrprieto04

    # 3 and this was a radio gig acoustic David Cook did. On top of it, there were technical difficulties. He did awesome . I hope he plans on singing it again the way he intended.

  • lady peace

    It’s “dear God’ alright – a terrific version!

  • Marnie

    I love the John Legend cover which I have heard previously. However I think my favorite is David Cook. Besides his vocals, the music and backing vocals seem to add an edgy type vibe.

  • Connie

    Best version for me. Love his vocals. Amazing live performer.

  • Made

    Thanks for including David Cook’s version! It is absolutely amazing. IMO, should be #1 (well, maybe I’m a little biased, lol). But y’all should take into account this version is taken from a live show at Pet-A-Palooza, nothing recorded in a studio. Just sayin’ ;)

  • Bouffe

    Love the emotion he puts behind this. Great vocals!

  • mymsien

    Amazing vocals, especially considering the fact that it was live. I can listen to this again.

  • Mary-ellen

    DAvid rocks this song!

  • bee
  • Sandy

    David Cook’s cover is awesome. I could listen to that on repeat. His version is way better than anyone else’s. I like Haley’s voice and the voice of the soloist from PS22 is excellent, but neither of them came up with anything that compares to Cook’s version.

  • Sandy

    Forgot to say in my original comment that (IMO) though John Legend has a great voice, he made it sound like some gospel track. Did not like it. Can’t you just see the church choir behind him?

  • Justi

    David Cook by far has the best cover of it! His voice and the way he sang it gave me chills!! I loved his version the best. Its the one that got me to listen to the original version of it!

  • Music Lover

    i figured all the raves on these comments were just Cook fans raving up their boy so I had to see for myself.
    I listened to the top three and as an unbiased opinion I have to say David Cooks version was the best of the three vocal wise.
    I could not listen to Mike Posner’s version all the way through because it was not a pleasant experience. His voice was shallow and he relied too much on techno inputs. John Legend’s version was certainly better than Mike Posner’s but I think because it was a Capella. There were places in the higher range where his voice became thin and squeaky.
    David Cook’s voice is rich and full and I believe had this been a studio recording it would have challenged Adele’s version for the top spot.

  • Penny

    David Cook doesn’t do covers, he does ‘betters’ His special, unique, powerful & passionate voice enhances any song he choose to do. his voice takes my breath away!

  • angie_puertorico

    Adele must be blown away with all of these amazing covers. There is something for each taste. For me, it’s the rock version of David Cook. love it! =)

  • Jov

    I love David Cook’s version of this song the most.

  • Susan

    Just listened to John Legend’s version. It’s good and I also loved Haley’s but David Cook’s is still number 1 for me (despite the technical difficulties and sound problems they had on stage).
    The way he powers through the song captures the emotions perfectly. When does this man ever take a breath, I wonder? You can hear the others breathe and for me it stops the flow of the song and makes me focus on the difficulties of singing it and I find it loses momentum. David, ironically, ends up quite breathless when he reaches the word “breathless” and it is just perfect. It’s like all the anger and passion is running away with him. And his voice? Beyond gorgeous!

  • Susan

    Had another listen and I also want to add that David is the only guy who, being a tenor, can sing the song at almost the original key. He lowered it one step whereas John Legend and Mike Posner (do not like that version very much) go much lower. And yes, that does take away a lot of the “heat” that this song is about. I don’t think it really fits the “melancholy love song” vibe.

  • Shari

    I think David Cook’s was the best. I would love to hear him and Adele do a duet of this song.

  • SarahM

    David’s version gave me chills. I loved it. He should sooo record this and make some money. I have a feeling he’d be rolling in the depths of that!!!!!!!!!

  • Viki

    This is a great song. I love the PS22 choir, the young soloist was great. Kina Grannis was pretty good, but Jaymie Dee didn’t get the feel of the song at all. John legend did great with the gospel vibe. But by far my favourite is David Cook . He totally owned it.

  • Sydney

    I loved David Cooks cover of Rolling in the Deep. I couldn’t believe how much I truly loved it. I hope to see him perform it live until then I will keep it on my Youtube channel and Cherish it. I’m glad other people saw it and thought it was awesome too. He blew my mind with that cover..

  • crazigrami

    Only David Cook and the little girl were true to the song. It needs that deep driving beat. It is an angry song. John Legend would have been better to do it without the background singers. I would kill to see David and Adele do a duet. He sings it close to where she does. I saw a mash up on you tube with a great editing job of what it would sound like. Awesome. This is awesome. Wish they would do it someday.

    • Harold Lefson

      Sorry No. 1 is David Cook. He bettered the hell out of it. Something special.

  • coco

    Cook’s cover gave me chills. It was incredible.

  • Susan

    Just trying to keep this at number one for the most comments, lol.
    David Cook doesn’t do covers he does betters! I remember laughing hard when I first read this.
    And yes, its true and I find it really baffling how he does it. I think it’s also his phrasing. The way he sits on the beat really drives the song, keeps it rolling along with incredible energy.
    Check out his cover of “Don’t You Forget About Me” which is really low and so very different from RITD. And yet again he captures the essence of the song. What a talent! Really looking forward to his new record.

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