Haters Gonna Hate: Aussie's Egg Justin Bieber

surprisedbieber Haters Gonna Hate: Aussie's Egg Justin Bieber

Surprised Bieber is Surprised!

My guess is that teen Australian boys want some girlie attention again, why else would Justin Bieber be victim to an air egg assault at his concert on Friday night at the Acer Arena in Sydney, Australia?

The Canadian teen pop star was just minding his own business, dancing, singing, and make tween girls shriek in excitement when two eggs landed only a few feet in front of him. Unfazed, Justin was the consummate professional and continued on dancing around the eggs. Then four more eggs were thrown. Again, only a few feet from Bieber.

Justin kept on keeping on, moving around the poor stage hand that was stuck cleaning up the eggs while the show was in session.

They already check your bags for beverages and weapons, what’s next, will we now not be allowed to bring our unhatched chickens to concerts?


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