Fresh Fact or Fiction: Royal Wedding Edition!

113267962 Fresh Fact or Fiction: Royal Wedding Edition!

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We’ve been glued to the TV’s all morning watching the Royal Wedding!  And what else would we quiz you about other than William and Kate!  Test yourself in today’s Fresh Fact or Fiction!

How much do YOU know about William and Kate?  Check out these statements and let us know if they are Fresh Fact or Fiction!

  • Prince William and Kate Middleton are related.
  • By law, Prince William would have to renounce his succession to the throne if he married  a family member.
  • After Kate marries Prince William, she cannot vote, eat shellfish or run for public office.
  • Prince William’s nickname is Baby Bop.
  • Prince William will not wear a wedding band after the nuptials because: he is allergic to precious metals.

Find out the answers when you listen to today’s Fresh Fact or Fiction here!


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