Malicious Gossip: The NYPD vs. Robin Williams!

robin Malicious Gossip: The NYPD vs. Robin Williams!

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Comedian Robin Williams is in town for his run on Broadway… but it wasn’t his play Bengal Tiger At The Baghdad Zoo, that got him into trouble with the NYPD! Find out what happened in today’s edition of Malicious Gossip with Jim and Kim!

During a recent appearance on The View, Williams told the girls about his run in with New York’s finest.

According to the comedian, he was  illegally riding his bicycle on the sidewalk, which prompted officers to stop him! Considering his current unshaven appearance, its no surprise that the officers didn’t recognize him, immediately. Uh-oh!

However, as soon as they realized who he was, they released him with just a warning. Go figure! Ahh… to be a celebrity!

Listen to today’s edition of Malicious Gossip with Jim and Kim, below!

Do you think Robin should have gotten a ticket? Let us know in the comment section below!


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