Can You Imagine Living In a 90 Square Foot Apartment?!

nycapartment Can You Imagine Living In a 90 Square Foot Apartment?!

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Living in NYC is one of the greatest things in the world!

I absolutely adore walking out of my door and having the entire city at my disposal. I live in the West Village which is ideal for my two Black Labs. They walk around the Village like the mayors, stopping to say hello to everyone. And I love my 700 square foot apartment… but I don’t think I would love it as much if it were only 90 square feet!!!

Enter Felice Cohen. She lives in Manhattan and has an apartment that is only 90 square feet. Can you guess how much she pays for it?

Can you imagine living in such a small place? Her bed is two feet below the ceiling! What if she has a nightmare and bumped her head?

And you know how much it costs? $700 a month. Apartments in the rest of the neighborhood go for around $3600 a month, so I guess this is a steal.

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I need my space and to most people, my 700 square foot apartment would be claustrophobic but it’s perfect for me and is located exactly where I want to be… Manhattan!

Could you live in 90 square feet of space with your closet, kitchen and bedroom right there? Let me know what kind of cramped conditions you have lived in in the comments section below!


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