Who's Got the World Record for Cosmetic Procedures?

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How many cosmetic procedures is too many? This woman has had 52! No, not that woman above. That’s Eddie Van Halen and he doesn’t appreciate you thinking that about him!

Cosmetic procedures are so commonplace today, facelifts, eye procedures,  tummy tucks (Someone should seriously tell Eddie!)… Well, it seems a woman named Cindy Jackson has had them ALL, including some I’ve never even heard of.

To find out what they were and to see her picture, read on!

cindy jackson Who's Got the World Record for Cosmetic Procedures?

In a report on ABC News, it was revealed that Cindy has had 52 cosmetic procedures, costing her over $100,000.

They include 14 full-scale operations as well as cuts, pulls, peels and jabs, Botox, five face-lifts,  liposuction… oh and her “eyes have been done” – twice. Her latest procedure involved using a substance that stimulates collagen production in her hands. You no longer see her veins and tendons.

Cindy works as a consultant, providing plastic surgery and anti-aging advice. She’s also written two books: “Living Doll” and “Image and Cosmetic Surgery Secrets.”

By the way, she’s 55 years old.  I’m making my appointment right now!

Watch ABC’s Report Below…


Have you had plastic surgery? Would you get 52 surgeries? How much does it hurt? How much did you spend on your procedures? Let me know in the comments section below. I’m DYING to know!

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