Mariah Carey's Got a Butterfly Belly!

Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

After early contractions sent Mariah Carey to the Hospital on Sunday (her birthday no less!), it all turned out to be a false alarm! So she celebrated by painting her 2X pregnant belly in her favorite motif… a Butterfly!

And it’s half blue and half pink, of course, to symbolize the boy and girl that’s due any day!

Written above the butterfly was the title “Dem Babies”! Awwww!

Here’s the tweet she sent out:

mariahbelly Mariah Carey's Got a Butterfly Belly!

Mariah's Belly

Just looking at this picture makes me say “OWWWW”! I can see Mariah’s belly stretched to the max and I remember EXACTLY how that feels!!! While it’s a beautiful sight… it sure doesn’t always feel that beautiful!!!


I gave birth to my twin girls Madison and Riley five years ago and I can say first hand that it was an amazing experience to feel TWO babies moving inside you. And as blessed as you feel to be able to carry them, trust me… you can’t believe how ready you are to give birth already!!!

At the point Mariah is currently at… eating is close to impossible… sleep, what’s that? Moving? Nah… just stay put! It’s easier!

I have to go home and find pictures of the last few days being pregnant with the girls. You can’t believe how LARGE you can get! I’m so excited for Nick and Mariah!!! This will be the biggest day of their lives and the most exciting!!

God bless them all!


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