Malicious Gossip: Has Paris Hilton Found 'The One'?

paris Malicious Gossip: Has Paris Hilton Found 'The One'?

Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Has Paris Hilton found the one, with current boy toy Cy Waits? Read on and find out if the tabloid darling has decided to settle down for good!  We have the juicy scoop with today’s edition of Malicious Gossip!

Hollywood is currently abuzz with split after split! Paris Hilton and her beau however have decided to take another route. The reality mogul told the gossip mag Us Weekly that her boyfriend Cy Waits… may be the ONE!

Apparently, Paris isn’t the only one with the same same premonition! The socialites mom Kathy released a statement a while back saying “We were all on holiday in Hawaii and Rick and I were sitting there thinking she looks so happy. I would be thrilled if he was ‘The One’. I hope so.” Cute!

Listen below to get the details from Kim and Jim on air!


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