Cameron Diaz and A-Rod Doing a Movie Together?

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Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz

Photo by George Pimentel/Getty Images

Possibly… possibly!  According to UK Daily Express, Cameron Diaz has an idea for a romantic comedy with a baseball theme and “She’s even thinking that Alex could star in the movie with her.”

You know if they did do a movie together, which I’m iffy about it even happening, why couldn’t Cameron and A-Rod do a horror film or a drama or maybe touching tale of a boy who could fly?

Well, if romantic comedy is the genre than here’s how I think it should go:

Minka Kelly (actress and Jeter’s girl) and Diaz’ are best friends and love the Yankees (I know, so creative). They attend a baseball game… No a bar… No they’re in a park… OK they attend a baseball game and something amazing happens where they get to meet two guys on the team played by A-Rod and Derek Jeter.

So, after courting, chemistry… comedy… fights… more comedy… maybe a balloon fight… something climatic happens… maybe a Jerry Maguire-esqe line like “You complete me” followed by… a wedding in the baseball stadium.

The end!

OK, in all seriousness, if Cameron and Alex did a movie together would you go see it? Let us know in the comment section below!

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