Costcouture: Costco To Start Selling… Bridal Gowns!?

bridalgown Costcouture: Costco To Start Selling... Bridal Gowns!?

"Honey, go grab some toilet paper while I try this on!"

Before you think “are they kidding me?… and before you picture walking down the aisle in a Costco wedding dress with a cauliflower bouquet, take a LOOK at these Costco dresses… you may be surprised!

I have to be honest… I couldn’t really picture this working until I saw the news clip. Costco says their shoppers are “savvy” and they expect the women who will buy their wedding dresses to be “savvy consumers” as well. These dresses are COUTURE designs; the cutting edge of fashion. There are currently six designs to choose from. It’s what you’ll see in all the magazines and on the runways.

The only difference is the price. Hmmmmm…

Now, before you think you need to shop for your dress amid piles of discounted sweat jackets and kids’ pajamas, take heart. There will be a very fashionable and classy “Bridal Section”. After viewing the set up, I thought, “Why not? It looks like fun and the designs really are gorgeous!” Hey, even if you’re not looking for the “Wedding on a Budget”, Costco might actually know what they are doing here.

The line will be launched in select stores on the West Coast before we see it here in the east.

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Would you buy a wedding dress at Costco? Let us know in the comments section below!


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