Shia LeBeouf Instigated Bar Fights

99288196 Shia LeBeouf Instigated Bar Fights

Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Shia LaBeouf might have been asking for that punch to the face he received this past weekend!

Even before he ended up in handcuffs after a brawl Saturday, the actor has been causing trouble at Mad Bull’s Tavern in Sherman Oaks, California. One source tells TMZ that the Transformers star has been a “constant irritation…with patrons complaining about his drunken, violent behavior.

Another insider says he’s been hanging around the tavern a lot recently, and “every time Shia comes to the bar, he’s a problem and it’s starting to get old.”

In fact, he even instigated another incident there a few weeks ago when staff had to break up close to 15 people before a riot broke out.


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