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Hey there! My name is Jasmine but most everyone calls me Jazzy. I’m energetic, down to earth and also ha-larious. Thanks for stopping by to show a southern born sunshine girl a little love. Simply put, my life is AMAZING and keeps me in the clouds but my country roots keep me well grounded. Although I am extremely down to earth, I can be a bit of a diva at times but to be honest, who isn’t? LOL. I have spent my entire career behind the mic for some of the top radio stations in the country but am super happy to have landed here at Fresh 102.7

My passion for music runs deep. I can’t explain what it is I feel when I hear a funky track or a beautiful ballad. But I can tell you that I’m the person in the room who can’t keep still when music is playing. I just love good music no matter the genre, from R&B, Hip Hop, and Rap to Latin, Pop and Country. If the track is sweet and the lyrics are good, I will listen, sing and dance–not necessarily in that order:-) The bottom line is that music is food for my soul. It is the cure for any mental, emotional and sometimes physical hangover I may have. It also puts a smile on my face quicker than ALMOST anything. Hmmmm excuse me while I throw on a little Usher……

As far as fun facts, here are a few:

  • I am a product junkie!!
  • I love to workout, cook, play softball and shop!
  • I love my curly hair–and the bigger it is the BETTER:-)
  • I am an “on the down-low” karaoke queen
  • I am a bit of a neat freak
  • I am a wiz at house repairs
  • My favorite snack is potato chips
  • My pet peeve is chipped nail polish!! yeeeeshhhh it drives me nuts
  • I am a sucker for period piece movies (16th & 17th century type stuff)
  • I have a strange affinity for the history of England & Rome — my favorite being the rise of Queen Elizabeth
  • There isn’t a sport I can’t play well. If I don’t know it, I can learn super quick and beat you at it:-) it’s a gift lol

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