WiFi in the Subway!

subway WiFi in the Subway!

The MTA may claim poverty every minute or so, but that’s not keeping them from getting high tech.

If your technology addiction leaves you sweating and dizzy on that disconnected ride to work each morning, have no fear, in the next few months the 14th Street and 23rd street subway stations will be fitted for wireless service, for all your technological needs (within a two-stop radius).

That’s just the beginning, the MTA is planning to have Wireless service available in every subway station by 2016. This attempt to get more high tech will also include electronic signs at stations that will give real time updates on train status.

MTA chief Jay Walder states that they are trying to “give information that allows people to relax. It gives riders a sense of control that they know what’s going on.” Or, you know, stop complaining that it costs $13 to get on the bus these these days.

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