Cy & Paris Hit & Run Paparazzi

parisandcy Cy & Paris Hit & Run Paparazzi

Photos by Las Vegas Metro PD via Getty Images

If there’s a celebrity couple that should call it quits for publicity reasons it is Paris Hilton and Cy Waits.

Last month the couple was arrested for drug possession in Vegas and earlier in the week they were involved in a hit & run when leaving dinner at West Hollywood’s Boa restaurant.

The car was surrounded by paparazzi, and Cy ran over a female photographer’s leg. He stuck his head out of the window to see if she was alright, then drove away. How could they not realize that this was all caught on tape?

You can check it out at RadarOnline!

Police caught up with the couple and Waits was given a citation to appear in court.

The woman was taken to a near by hospital, treated, and released.

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