Bret's Writing a Book, Seriously

Bret Michaels

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

With his latest life events – a brain hemorrhage and a fight to recovery – Bret Michaels certainly has some juicy content to add to the autobiography he’s been working on. In other news, yes, Bret is working on an autobiography… This should be good.

Listen as Bret talks about what it’s been like penning that book…

“When you look back at your life and you start to write things, I found it extremely weird and therapeutic because you go through a lot of stuff and you’re like, ‘I did that? Man, I don’t remember. Wait, who, what?’ And as you go through it, I think the one thing is, and I think this for most rock bands, we come from a place where you start out in a garage or in my case a basement, and then you work your way up to the garage and you have a pretty hands-on career, there is a lot of crazy stories to tell and that’s what this book – it touches on everything.”

The book is called Roses & Thorns and was originally due out last June. Now, Bret wants to get it out by November but his publishers expect it on shelves by February 1st, the earliest.

Meanwhile, Bret’s new solo album, Custom Built, is out now.


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