Film Investors: Paris Hilton Owes $1M Restitution

98736722 Film Investors: Paris Hilton Owes $1M Restitution

Paris Hilton should return up to $1 million she was paid for the 2006 box-office bomb “Pledge This!” because she didn’t plug the film enough, an attorney for the movie’s investors told a federal judge Thursday.

The 29-year-old hotel heiress, actress and self-promoting businesswoman refused nine requests for print and broadcast interviews she should have given under her contract, said investor attorney Bryan West.

“We paid her $1 million, and we’re entitled to get at least a portion of that back,” West told U.S. District Judge Federico Moreno. “Part of what actors do is promote their films.”

But Hilton’s attorney, Michael Weinsten, said she took part in several high-profile publicity events – including an appearance at the Cannes Film Festival – and that the contract didn’t require her to do interviews when she was busy on other projects.

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