Bret Michaels in ICU

845758981 Bret Michaels in ICU

According to People MagazineBret Michaels has been rushed to the hospital and is in critical condition in the ICU.  Apparently, he’s health has taken a sudden turn for the worse.On Thursday night he was taken to the hospital because of an excruciating headache.  After the doctors examined him, they discovered that Michaels has suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage.  He was bleeding at the base of his brain stem.

According to a source who told People Magazine, Bret has already had several CAT scans, MRI’s and a angiogram.  For the next couple of days they will continue to run tests to see if they can determine the cause of the hemorrhage.  The source also said that right now “it will be touch and go“.  For more info on Bret’s health, check out


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