What’s Fresh Around Town for Thursday, April 22nd!

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earth day Whats Fresh Around Town for Thursday, April 22nd!

Today is Earth Day and, of course, the big Earth Day Rally is being held in Times Square!  That’s just one of the many things on our list of What’s Fresh Around Town!

1. The NFL Draft is at Radio City Music Hall tonight at 7:30.  That’s happening through April 24.

2. A couple of comedians are in town tonight: One of our favorite’s, Lewis Black, is bringing his “In God We Rust” tour to City Center.  That runs through April 24. And Sex and the City’s Mario Cantone is performing at Caroline’s tonight at 7:30.

3. Obviously today is Earth Day and Times Square is hosting the Official 40th Anniversary Celebration.  It’s a 3 hour show where activists, leaders and entertainers will take the stage on Broadway between 45th and 46th streets.  More information can be found on www.eday40.org.

4. And in sports, the Mets have a home game vs. Chicago Cubs at 7:10 this evening.

And remember to check us out every day at 9:30 to find out what’s Fresh around town.

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