Did Melissa Etheridge Cheat?

83070108 Did Melissa Etheridge Cheat?

Tammy Lynn Michaels won’t be coming to [lastfm]Melissa Etheridge[/lastfm]’s window anytime soon as this dynamic couple has called it quits.

According to sources, Etheridge was caught cheating on Tammy!  The pair had been together for over nine years and have three year old twins together.

The plot thickens though as Etheridge was seen the same day the split was announced with none other than her ex lover Julie Cypher!

  • JettEfffect

    Melissa,should practice what she preaches/sings about!She,knows what it like to be hurt and sings about it! And,then
    turns around and does the same thing to Tammy? NOT A FAN ANYMORE!

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