David Letterman has great guests all week!

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letterman with son harry David Letterman has great guests all week!

Isn’t his son Harry adorable? Tune DAVE in all week, he has an incredible bunch of guests all week. Wanna know who?

Sure says a lot about Jay Leno that Seinfeld (Mr. NBC) is on DAVE promoting his very funny new NBC show “The Marriage Ref” on CBS, doesn’t it? I love it.

Monday, March 1

Bill Murray, Ludacris
(CD, “Battle of the Sexes”)

Tuesday, March 2

Mitt Romney
(Book, “No Apology: The Case for American Greatness”)

Top Ten with Gold Medalist Evan Lysacek
(U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist)Mia Wasikowska
(Alice In Wonderland)

Wednesday, March 3

Jerry Seinfeld
(The Marriage Ref)

Tom Brokaw(Boomers)

Thursday, March 4

Tom Hanks

Barbara Walters Top Ten

(CD, “Transference”)

Friday, March 5

Matt Damon
(Green Zone)

Comedian Danny Bhoy

Corrine Bailey Rae
(CD, “The Sea”)

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