My Husband just does not get it!

Hi it’s Robin!… As per my husband’s request, when I asked him this question, he said, “Ask your FaceBook Friends. There’s NO WAY, you’ll listen to ME on this one.” So. Ok. I’m asking.”

‘WHY,… if we know we’re getting a major snow storm, would we not lay a tarp down on the cement behind our cars, throw some salt on it, and back the tires up just a drop to hold it in place, so that when it snows, we just have to shovel some off the TARP, but there would be no chance the Ground would be ICED over?’ I even suggested Cardboard instead! Same with the windshield? Instead of scraping, put the┬ástupid tarp on top and slam the ends inside the doors!

Remember! This is the same man that laughed at me, when I suggested ‘Lawn Designs,’ while Mowing. My son then mowed a Big front and center.

What am I missing here.


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