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Jim Douglas is a native New Yorker, born in Bellerose, Queens. He is the only brother to his 5 sisters, which taught him many of life’s important lessons, like which shoes go with which belt and never wear heels with shorts. (At least on the first date.) Jim spent many years exploring the NYC high school system, including Thomas A. Edison, Martin Van Buren and Jamaica high school.

He would rather not say why they kept asking him to leave. Jim spent 6 years in college between Nassau Community College and New York Tech in Old Westbury. Again, no need to ask why a bachelors degree should take that long! Jim lives happily on Long Island with his wife, whom he refers to as, “Cupcake“, (you know, because of the witness relocation program) and his 18 year old son, who is mortified for even being mentioned in this bio.


Best radio moment: Having Natasha Bedingfield kiss me on the cheek. (Haven’t washed that cheek in months.)

Worst Slip-Up: Dropping “the” expletive in front of a Bishop. My spotless alter-boy rep gone in a matter of seconds.

Best Known For: The ability to embarrass himself in any given social situation.

Worst Habit: HAS to be on time.

Best Food: Sausage pizza, Jackson Hole burgers, Blue Bunny Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream. (And then more pizza.)

Worst Drink: Dr. Pepper with Jack Daniels. (aka, “intestinal weapon of mass destruction.”)

Fav Movie: Sound of Music. A celebration of lederhosen

Worst Music: Bag Pipes playing Zeppelin

Fav TV Shows: Big Bang Theory, Chelsea Lately

Favorite Athlete: Tiger.

Best Word: Try.

Worst Word: Can’t

Best Quote to Sum It All Up: It’s not the destination, it’s the journey. Enjoy the ride. Just let me drive.

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