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Producer Craig
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Let’s get to know a little bit about Jim & Kim’s Producer extraordinaire, Craig Lenti…


Radio is in his blood.

Been with CBS Radio for 13 years.

Thinks his niece really IS the most beautiful baby ever.

Currently dating his 58″ Plasma HDTV, which has produced 5.1 beautiful little speakers.

Favorite Movies: Star Wars (x6), Indiana Jones (x3), Godfather (x3), Jaws, Superman, Se7en, American Psycho, E.T. (which still makes him weep like a small child).

Favorite Music: Madonna, Sarah Mclachlan, Madonna, Matchbox 20, Madonna, Lifehouse, Madonna, OneRepublic and did I mention Madonna?

Favorite TV Shows: Law & Order (Original and SVU), Scrubs, Big Bang Theory, Craig Ferguson, Trauma.

Favorite Foods: Bleecker Street Pizza, Silver Spurs Burger, Oreo’s and Milk, my mom’s chicken noodle soup.

Favorite Rhyming-Named Radio couple: Jim/Kim.

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